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Our Factory trained road service technicians operate from mobile repair vehicles fully stocked with repair parts, and are equipped to handle most routine maintenance. In fact, with Capital Equipment, many repairs that normally require shop service need never leave your facility, saving you time and money. We also provide Resonant Day One GMP and PMP Programs. Allow us to show you how this value added program can increase your up-time while reducing your operating costs.


In the event that your equipment requires repairs that need to be done at our facility, all four of our locations are fully staffed and strategically located throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to keep your costs to a minimum and your up-time at a maximum.

Full Maintenance

With our Industry Exclusive Day One Program Total Care Package, Planned Maintenance, Guaranteed Full Maintenance, and Fleet Management Programs, we can remove the burden of managing your equipment assets away from your employees, allowing them to do what they do best.

Cost Savings

By providing accurate reporting and tracking of your fleet’s operating cost and utilization, we can help you make good business decisions, resulting in reduced costs, improved productivity and an increased bottom line.

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