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Capital Equipment has over 300 Forklifts, Sweepers, Scrubbers, Batteries, and Battery Chargers in our Rental Fleet. Whether it’s a short term need for a seasonal upturn in your business, an extended repair on your own forklift, or a long term need where purchasing equipment may not be practical, Capital Equipment can provide the right piece of late model or new equipment to do the job. Contact us and we will help you determine the right piece of equipment for the job and which program will work best for you and your company.

Rental Options

  •   Forklift Trucks
  •   Floor Maintenance
  •   Aerial Lifts
  •   Attachments
  •   Batteries & Chargers

Rental Benefits

  •   Seasonal Flexibility
  •   Fixed Equipment Costs
  •   Minimal Commitment
  •   Late Model Equipment
  •   Long Term Discounts



Aerial Lifts

Battery Chargers

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